MSY NFS Project Gray Water Technology

MSY Yapı is making a significant contribution to environmental sustainability with MSY NFS, the first construction project in Istanbul to use a greywater system. The company prioritizes sustainability in all its projects, taking significant steps in this direction.

The MSY NFS project is not only among the first to obtain a construction permit for the use of a greywater system in Istanbul but also stands out as the first structure to implement this system in the city. The project pioneers the wise use of water by treating used water and reusing it for garden irrigation and cleaning purposes.

The Chairman of the Board of MSY Yapı stated on the matter, ‘The sustainable use of water resources is of great importance worldwide. With MSY NFS, domestic wastewater from sinks and showers is cleaned through our specially designed treatment systems and reused. By doing this, we contribute to the conservation of natural resources.’

The project also aims to meet a significant portion of its energy needs from renewable sources by integrating solar panel systems. Thanks to these integrated systems, residents of MSY NFS will have the opportunity to experience a self-sufficient site experience in an environmentally friendly living space that supports nature.

MSY Yapı not only offers modern and aesthetic living spaces with the MSY NFS project but also undertakes the mission of minimizing environmental footprint and providing sustainable living. The company reduces environmental pollution and achieves water savings by reprocessing nearly 50% of domestic wastewater through greywater treatment systems in this project.


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